About Us

Welcome to ZapitGames.com!

Our team is proud to have built an online gaming website that gives gamers the power to choose what kind of gaming content they want. With us, you can help shape Zapit Games and continue to make it the most interesting gaming site on the Web.

About the Zapit Games Team

ZapitGames.com started as two guys and a gal who jumped overboard at a prominent gaming magazine. We were just tired of writing content based on what was best for marketing dollars rather than what gamers wanted. That’s when we came up with the idea for the Zapit system, and although we had a lot of experience, perhaps nothing prepared us for this totally unique venture. Our team is much bigger now, but we possess that same great passion for gaming.

The Zapit System

The Zapit system is at the heart of what makes ZapitGames.com different from all the other online gaming websites. Once you’ve registered a free account with us, you have the power to zap or even un-zap any of the content we create. Think of zapping as adding electricity and building hype. As a gaming topic becomes more charged, we know that our base is interested in and that it’s a story, product or whatever that our team should be focusing on more.

Create an Account and Join In

There’s no free to register and no strings attached. We do accept donations but don’t charge subscriptions or other fees. We won’t spam your email. We do monitor your behavior on our site anonymously so that we know what our readers are interested in. Our system can also use your individual interests to feed you the content that will interest you most on our front page.

Game and Gaming Hardware Previews

Our team tries to preview all new games and gaming hardware. It’s up to our community to determine what kind of coverage those products receive. If our base wants more, then we’ll work on interviews, in-depth articles and on-site coverage whenever possible. If not, then we’ll just relay news as it becomes available hoping that it might spark your interest.

Game and Gaming Hardware Reviews

Reviews are our bread and butter. We usually have a good idea from the preview phase how interested the community is in a particular game, console system, gaming mouse or other product. Most products receive a review regardless, but if there’s great interest in a game, we’ll conduct multiple reviews at the same time and even create multistage reviews, which let us beat release day as well as refine our opinion over time.

A Broad Approach to Content

Our team creates a diverse range of content, and we use many different formats to achieve it. You’ll discover news blurbs, articles, long-form articles, editorials and daily blog posts. We create videos to enhance our previews and reviews, and podcasts and live streams continue to be a great way to interact with our community.